Bat-Bow-Rama Sweepstakes, Contests and Giveaway Line Up!


It’s contest talkin time! I know that each and every one of you has been waiting to hear about what we are doing during October’s event, so here is the list of contests that will be run during

Technicolor Squirrel’s Bat-Bow-Rama!

Facebook  Contests with Entry Open to All:

FB Giveaway/Contest #1:

Go to our Facebook page during our event, and click  the “Like”  button and post a comment on Technicolor Squirrel’s Page and you will receive (1) one entry. You may only enter once per person.

Please note that you must “like” and  post a comment to be counted! If you have already liked us; you may still enter by commenting on our wall. Please note that you were an existing “fan” in the comment.


Set of 3 Sweater Bows

Example of a Technicolor Squirrel Sweater Bow!


FB Contest #2; T.S. Scavenger Hunt:

Complete the Technicolor Squirrel Scavenger Hunt.  Receive (1) One entry. The scavenger hunt will take place across 4 to 6 web destinations. You will be given the first website’s address and its corresponding clue on Oct. 14th 2011 on the Technicolor Squirrel. After that a clue will be released twice a day.

Each entrant must turn in all six correct answers by midnight on the 17th of October, 2011. The entrants with the correct answers will be placed in a drawing and a winner will be chosen  randomly.

The winner will be notified via PM and featured on our pages!

Keep checking back to find out more!

Prize: Custom Made Just For You: 1 pair Leg Warmers and Matching Scarf Set. You choose the color/pattern from a predetermined fall color palette and send your measurements and I make them to fit you!!

An example of our one of a kind leg warmers!


Contest #3: Share Our Links:

Share a link on Facebook about Bat-Bow Rama and receive 1 entry for each “shared link”. Only one “shared link”, per person, per every 6 hours. That equals 12 possible entries in total throughout the event and contest length.

The entries will be placed in a drawing and a winner will be chosen  randomly on October 17th, 2011. The winner will be announced on and featured on our site!

Prize: $25.00 gift certificate to my shop.

"What will I buy with my gift certificate?" Kelsey thought to herself while she models our Black and Red Sweater Bow!


Bow and Coat Sweepstakes Ticket Packages:

1.)Sweepstakes # 1:

One (1) Bat Bow &  (1) sweepstake ticket is free with purchase of a bow to win the “Blood Red Beauty” FL Traveling Dream Coat.

Cost of bows $15.00

Only 30 ticket packages available

That is a 1/30 chance at winning a $450.00 coat! You can’t beat these odds!

Each package purchase will be assigned a number. The numbers will be placed into a drawing and a winner  will be drawn at random. The drawing will take place on October 18th 2011 and the winner will be notified via email.  Winners and prizes will be posted on our sites as well.

An example of a Technicolor Squirrel FL Traveling Dream Coat. Click the picture to see more!


2.)Sweepstakes # 2:

One (1) Orange Pumpkin Bow &comes with (1) free sweepstake ticket to win the “Candy Corn Crazy” Dream Hoodie.

Cost of Bows $7.50 each and Only 25 tickets Available

That is a 1/25 at winning a 150.00 coat!

Each package purchase will be assigned a number. The numbers will be placed into a drawing and a winner  will be drawn at random. The drawing will take place on October 18th 2011 and the winner will be notified via email.  Winners and prizes will be posted on our sites as well.

The last winner of a bow a package sweepstakes won this coat!

* Contests:

For those of you who have not ventured into the world of, it is a pretty awesome environment. They have unique games, profile and forums,  an outstanding avatar system, and best of all,  membership is free!

I have been a member for 5 years and I am constantly amazed at the hidden world of talent that resides there. Many of the nation’s artistic teen’s use as a venue in which to showcase their art and fuel their learning process.

It’s because of this I have decided to take Technicolor Squirrel’s Bat Bow Rama to the world of Gaia! I will be hosting two contests.


“The Story Of  The Squirrel Contest”

A Writing Contest on

What’s Technicolor Squirrel? Do you think you hold the key to unlocking this multi-colored rodent’s past? Then you should enter our “The Story of The Squirrel” contest!

Grand Prize:

Your story will become Technicolor Squirrel’s Official Bio and You will receive a Demon Hunter’s Bundle!

2nd and 3rd Prizes:


How to enter and the Rules:

Each entry must be G-rated (I cater to all ages in my creations, please keep that in mind when writing),  and it must be your own work (NO Plagiarizing) and you must have an active account users. Please remember that if you chose to enter then you must have a current account or register for a new account here. It is free to sign up and after you enter my contest thread, try out a game or two!

Contest will run from 12:00pm (Noon) on October 14th to  12:00am (midnight) on  October 16th, 2011. All Entries should be posted as comments under this thread. You may enter as many times as you like. No Duplicate Entries!

The Winner will be announced on October 19th, 2011. The winner will be notified via private message on and featured on our blog, Facebook and gaiaonline pages!


Clothing Tag Design Contest on

The Contest:

I need a new logo for my clothing tags.  My shop mascot is a sweater wearing squirrel, but she is hard to render in small forms, so I need something functional and FUN! This is where the amazing members of Gaia come in!

My Logo Wants:

I am looking for a design that is easy to read as well as pleasing to the eye. I want the over look to be able to stand out on a Cream colored Tag; No matter if I was to stamp it on something in solid black ink or used a prismatic ink pad.  Think simple lines, solid shapes or silhouettes.

Here are the entry requirements:

1. The Design must contain my name,” Technicolor Squirrel”.

  2. Contain a squirrel in the design.

3. Must say the following “Traveling Dream Coats and More”

4. Be creative and have fun! That is what my studio is all about. Having fun. 🙂


The contest begins on October 14th 2001 and ends on the 16th at midnight. Enter each Logo Entry must be posted in a separate post and do so in the form of a link (Photobucket, etc) on this Thread. You may enter as many times as you like. No Duplicate entries!

The winner will be announced on the 19th of October, 2011 via email and announced on my blog, facebook and pages.


Neverland Bundle

and a variety of door and bump prizes!



The Unsung Heros of Your Kitchen?!?


As I have mentioned in my profile, I have run many businesses, one of which was a full service residential cleaning company.  I thought that we could spend a little time today looking at things you have in your kitchen right now that can save you time and money.


 Vodka, and cheap vodka at that, can do all manner of things. I was remind just how many things when I saw this article yesterday on  A few of my favorites from the list:

1.) Put some in a small mister or spray bottle and LIGHTLY spray your dry clean only clothing or your husband’s suits. The alcohol is clear, removes odors  and evaporates, so it gives you a mini clean in between trips to the cleaners without harming the fabric or your wallet! My husband is a professor and he wears business dress everyday.  I have saved huge amounts by avoiding a ton of trips to the cleaners!

2.) Keep those beautiful blooms fresh longer!

Add a teaspoon each of vodka and sugar to water to keep freshly cut flowers looking great.   The vodka kills the bacteria that would otherwise grow in the water, and the sugar provides nutrients the flowers need to thrive.
White Vinegar
I couldn’t list everything this unsung hero can do because there are just that many of them! Heck, there are entire websites devoted to its many uses. In fact, I would say that I learn at least one new use every time I discuss its virtues with another person.
It’s biggest two selling points for me are the green aspect and the cost factor! It is all natural and evaporates. The smell fads shortly after using and I never have to worry if there are natsy chemicals lingering on the surfaces of my home. It runs just under $3 a gallon (most stores)  for this home cleaning dynamo and can be purchased in almost every grocery in the nation.
               I love The Vinegar Institute on the web. Check out their site. They are a plethora of information!
Meanwhile, here are just a few of my favorite uses:

1.) No-Wax Floor: To wash no-wax floors, add ½ cup of white distilled vinegar to a half-gallon of warm water. The shine that is left when the floor dries has mirror quality to it! I had customers pay extra for me to wash their floors by hand in vinegar just because the end result was so perfect!

2. Carpet stain removal:
A mixture of 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent (I use All Free) and 1 teaspoon of white distilled vinegar in a pint of lukewarm water will remove non-oily stains from carpets. Apply it to the stain with a soft brush or towel and rub gently. Rinse with a towel moistened with clean water and blot dry. Repeat this procedure until the stain is gone. Then dry quickly, using a fan or hair dryer. This should be done as soon as the stain is discovered.


3.) Dirty Carpets: It also works great in your shampooer! Half a cup distilled vinegar to a tank of hot water and you’re are off ! It will deodorize, clean and dry beautifully!

4.) Drain Defunk-er: Refresh your drains throughout your house with this cheap yet highly effective process!

Step One: Pour 1/2 cup of Baking Soda in the drain. It can heap up into a mound…it won’t matter in a second!

Step Two: Pour vinegar over the baking soda mountain; about a 1/3 of a cup at a time! This will cause a reaction and the cleaning power begins! Let the bubbles die down and pour another 1/3 cup vinegar. Repeat this process until you are out of baking soda in the drain.

Wait 15 minutes……….Let the bubbly doom do its magic!

Step Four: Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain! This will help rinse out the funk that your bubbly doom loosened up!

When you are done your drains will smell fabulous and be cleaner then they have been in ages!


1.) Deodorizer for Your Car, Shoes, Etc:

Ok Ladies, I know you all have atleast one pair of nynlons that have seen better days lying in your dresser somewhere. Get them out because we are gonna deodorize!

Step One: Cut the nylon off just above the ankle.

Step Two: Fill nylon “footie” with a 1/2 cup of coffee. No high brow brand needed. Just some regular old coffee will do!

Step Three: Place where ever you need to lift odor! Under the front seat of the car or you husband’s truck. Or in your teen’s stinky shoes! Place one in each shoe over night and prepare to be amazed the next morning!


Just A Technicolor Squirrel Sharin Her Tips! Don't be Alarmed!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my tidbits and that  they help you to save a little time and money! Recycle, Re-purpose, Reuse!

Until Next Time Remember What The Technicolor Squirrel Always Says:

“Maybe we should look at it another way and see what happens?”





Looking for Models In Louisville, KY!!


Hello everyone! Lexa, the Technicolor Squirrel Here. I am searching for some new faces to help me promote my wears and I need your help!


Any female between 18 to 28 who has a fun personality that shines! I am looking for small, medium, and large models, so please do no think you can’t apply because of size! I am searching for beautiful and carefree! No one body type needed!

This would be a “Time for Trade” relationship. Time for trade meaning: Your time as a model in trade for my work as a designer (a pair of custom warmers, or custom sweater bows….it depends on what we shoot and how much time is required) and copies of the finished product shots on disc. Great opportunity for a model who need to build their portfolio.

How to apply:

Send me a bit about yourself and why you think you would make a good Technicolor Squirrel Model. Are you funny, do you make people laugh or can you just be larger then life when posing?  Tell me why you rock!

Make sure to include your measurements and a recent photo (or link to your portfolio online)!

I will contact you if you are chosen to be a Technicolor Squirrel Model!

So, do you think you are a fit for Technicolor Squirrel?


Bat-Bow-Rama 2011! Who wants to win a coat? What about Two??


Our “Get to know Technicolor Squirrel Web-Bow-Thon” went so well in July, that I decided to run another raffle for one of my OOAK custom made coats (Ok, maybe two!).

Below is a poll to help me discover if people want me to raffle off one or  two of my custom creations! Please take a moment to vote!

The Scoop:

On the 14th, 15th and 16th of October 2011, the Technicolor Squirrel Bat-Bow-Rama will be held! Three days of contests, raffles and bows, and crazy antics will be in store for all.  We will be sharing funny  videos ( a special few will be made here at the studio featuring our local loves),  clips from beloved Halloween cult classics,  inexpensive Halloweens ideas for costumes, party favors and our favorite tricks, and me in costume hosting the shenanigans via video posts!

One of my creations.

How it works:

On the 14th of October at noon (EST) The Raffle ticket packages  will be activated in our shop  and will be available for purchase until of the end Bat-Bow-Rama, Midnight, October 16th 2011!  You may purchase as many of the tickets as you wish. There is no purchase limit. There are however a limited number of raffle tickets for each raffle!  The more you purchase the better odds of winning you have!

Each individual purchase is assigned a corosponding number. The winning number will be drawn for each raffle on October 17th, 2011 @ noon!

I will ship the winner’s coat via USPS two day mail on the 18th of October, 2011. It will there there before Halloween!

Just picture the statement you are going to make when you walk in the room wearing one of my creations?

Our Last Raffle Winner, PeridotPerfume, Won This Coat! Click the photo to read what she had to say!

What is a Raffle Package?:

Each Raffle Package comes with one (1) raffle entry and One (1) custom made Hair Bow. The hair bow is always designed to match the event we are having. For October you can expect to find a “Bat Bow”!

Our Raffle packages run from $7.50 to $15.00 and always come with free shipping!

What Will We See in the October Raffle?:

The 1st The Hip Length Coat Raffle:

I have created a Halloween themed coat with a candy corn color scheme with a black sweater coat base. I will be making this coat in a large, so it is more of a fit for more people! Pictures will be coming soon! The hair bow for each ticket will be either an orange bow with a candy corn center or a pumpkin center! A package filled with the humor and whimsy of the season!

The 2nd (And undecided! Help out with those votes!) raffle:

The second coat I am thinking of would be a full length coat in blood red with black accents, a full twirling skirt and a long pointed hood! This coat would be in a medium/ large range.  The Bow that accompany each raffle entry was a black bat bow.  Each bow would be handcrafted and feature a center bead hand sculpted to resemble a bat’s body!

An Example of a full length coat from Technicolor Squirrel

How do I join in the fun?

Simple! Just “Like” our page on facebook, send me your email to receive updates (we never send more then two a month, and most times we only send one and you can unsubscribe at any time!) or stay tuned here on wordpress!

I look forward to entertaining you while we spread the word about Technicolor Squirrel Creations and celebrate our favorite holiday!

Don’t Forget to Vote!

The story the boy with the box on his head or I should be sleeping again, but I rather type this random story


Hello world, it’s me Lexi, the Technicolor Squirrel here and i am once again wide awake in the middle of the night while the rest of my neighborhood sleeps the blissful sleep of the annoyingly well rested. Not that I mind them sleeping well, not all actually…in fact I feel joy for those who can sleep in our world, or at least, those of us who can go down without a fight, 2 sleeping pills and a mallet blow to the head. Hell, a whole family business was spawned due to one family’s issue over he who could sleep and she who could not and what occurs during the those hours.

In her ‘Sleep Talkin’ Man’ blog, Karen Slavick-Lennard says, that her “mild-mannered English husband” Adam lives a “colourful existence in his dreams”.

I know a woman who at this very moment is plotting the slow suffocation of her mate. She wouldn’t do it in a million years, but that does not mean, after the 3rd hour of this man representing every lumber jack that has felled a tree in the last 10 years, that you don’t get a wee bit cranky.  I think even saint would be challenged against a performance of that magnitude.
Her trauma, and my continued love of a man such as hers, I am reminded of a story from my youth. Now, in the wee hours of the morning I am am going to share it with you:
As most teenagers are apt to do, I  might have hosted parties when I was younger, where we may or may not have consumed copious amounts of alcohol. This can (or cannot, as the case may be) lead to horrid hangovers since the necessity of drinking water was not even near my list of priorities at the time.  However after one certain birthday was the hangover particularity excruciating, and a “friend”  of my best friend’s was asleep a good 25 feet from where I had been trying to sleep.  This young man must have had something internally wrong with his sinuses because he made this death rattle which sounded as if it might rip apart the fabric of space and time if he really put his mind to it. He did this every 15 to 20 seconds for about an hour straight before I got up and politely tried to wake him up. The sound was overwhelming from a far, but up close it was near deafening! I tried and tried, but nothing would shake this guy from his self-induced coma. Frustrated and a desperate I struck upon an idea! I hurried to gather the items I would need and prepared to channel my inner Macguyver.  When I returned to the living room, I placed a loosely woven blanket and a one half of a cardboard fruit box at his feet. I then placed cotton balls in my ears and set to work. I tried one last time to rouse sleeping snout singer from his slumber and again I was met with defeat. My poor aching head had passed from aching in to a full dull throbbing and I knew I would not make it much longer with this noise (Let’s just say that the cotton balls weren’t really helping), so I committed fully to my plan and I began to wind the blanket around his head. Sort of like you would wrap a generator to reduce the noise. (Now, Now…don’t get worried. This was a gift from my grandma and it was very loosely woven. I had spent many afternoons dozing with it over my head and I knew he could breathe! I am not a ogress!) After I wound the entire blanket around his noggin, I checked for a comfortable fit and then I placed the fruit box on top of the mound which was his head. This cut out the noise almost instantly! I would have done a dance to celebrate had my head not felt it would split open and release Satan’s own spawn from the wound at the slightest provocation. I wandered back to my bed and passed out in the blissful silence. Hours later, when I awoke a small crowd of friends whom had stayed the evening had gathered around his boxness. My inventive measures for peace and quiet remained intact. The room was buzzing with snickers and questions. As I was explaining, the young man woke up.  His body started visibly as he jerked forward in the chair.  His hands came up slowly to meet the box. He explored the shape briefly and removed it from his head. The mutterings started.  This grumbling grew in pitch  and frenzy as he fought to free himself from the blanket’s grip. He emerged, red and panting demanding to know “Why the hell we were all laughing…hadn’t we heard a man snore before?”.  His mood was not improved as the room broke into hysterics! The poor thing….I feel bad for him all these years later, but I think of him often as I gaze at my husband, who snores directly at me, and wish I had that old blanket and a fruit box.

Learn about Technicolor Squirrel and Check Out New Dream Coats. What’s A dream Coat


I loaded new coats this evening and I secured a spot in’s clothing showcase for Saturday the 13th! Keeps your virtual fingers crossed y’all!  I am gonna be shakin it all day tomorrow so watch out for my next post!

Here is a bit about the squirrel:

Technicolor Squirrel is a place for sweaters to go when their initial sweater career had ended. Rather than being destroyed, tossed in the dump or left to languish in the bottom of a lonely closet; these sweaters are lovingly rescued and given a second chance as beautiful, hand crafted sweater coats. Technicolor Squirrel is dedicated to the rescue of healthy sweaters who still have a long and loving life ahead of them and who would like nothing better than to become a productive member of your family. Technicolor Squirrel guarantees that all rescue sweater coats have been fully screened and trained to never chew on your favorite shoes or pee on the rug. Our rescue sweater coats have been lovingly taught to provide stylish warmth and comfort for the length of its life so please adopt a Technicolor Squirrel sweater coat today!

My Process: When I choose a garment to include in a Reconstructed Coat each garment must pass a rigorous battery of tests. It is not easy to make the cut! Each sweater is examined in depth for a richness in color, texture and condition. When we do choose those select few that make it to our Sweater Cave we then identify which sweaters will be processed immediately and which need to go to have a check up with our Sweater Doctor! At the T.S. Sweater Clinic these sweaters undergo many treatments such as, shaving, conditioning, trimming and even full color-restorations are performed so that every sweater is at the top fr their game before they become Technicolor Squirrel Dream Coats!

Alexa Laythe created Technicolor Squirrel as an outlet for her intense need to create comfortable and stylish one of a kind textile art and accessories. She has always felt that clothing can be art and that what you wear is an expression of your inner passions. Coming from a long family history of tailors, fabric art was a natural fit for someone who grew up at a sewing machine. Alexa happily splits her time between creating her recycled sweater coats and taking care of her quirky husband and animals.

A Note From Alexa: “I make and create as the inspiration takes me, so everything you see was made without a pattern or guide. It was just my brain and heart designing a wonder just for you!
I would also like to thank the mother of the Upcycled Sweater, Miss Katwise! Her designs were an inspiration to me and have given me an opportunity to work from home while I battle Grave’s disease! Thank you for inspiring me and paving the way for this great art form, Katwise!”

How to Give Good Face or a Guide to Pinup Model Expressions


Since we have a shoot scheduled for this weekend for our upcoming product line of up-cycled leg warmers, which will be themed heavily with pinup style; I thought I would take a few minutes to give you all some great ideas on how to create that perfect pinup expression for your next photo session.

I spent years working as a fashion model and the #1 piece of advice I can give any model is “Know how your face moves!” You should practice what you are planning to do in front of the camera before you get there. This will help you make the most of your time and your photographer’s time.  Now, I am sure you are asking how can this be that simple? Well this is what you are going to do:

How to Capture the Perfect Pinup Expressions:
1. Get a mirror, a lamp and go find an area where you can sit comfortably and have room to move the lamp around.

You want to be able to see your face, move the light source around to find the most flattering angles for you face. For now, just place the lamp of to the side of where you are sitting to give you a 3/4 light.

2. If you feel sexy you are sexy~

Make yourself up! You will enjoy the experience, achieve more during your practice sessions and be happier with what your end result if you feel good about yourself while you are practicing. So, even if you are sitting at home with nowhere to go, go and get pretty, Girl! This means hair and makeup! Try my tutorial on how to apply a Pinup Look in less then ten minutes flat!

Ok, Ready? Here we go

Take a deep Breath. Give yourself the best smile you have! There, now we are ready to start learning what expressions work for you.  You are your best and worst critic, right?  You know when a look is off or when you are having one of those “Smokin’ Sex Kitten” days, so remember to stick with what looks best to YOU!  If you feel sexy doing something then it will show and transfer to the feeling of your shoot.

*T.S. Extra Tip: Sex may sell, but the art of the pin up shows us that a wink, a smile and the suggestion of more creates a mystery that skin and swimsuits just can’t compete with. Moral of this tip? Vintage Vixens Rock!

3. For pin up expressions the best way to achieve this is to say your vowel sounds (That’s right…just like when we learned to spell and read), A,E, I, O, U!


Begin by saying the letter “A” while looking at yourself in the mirror. Notice how your face feels as it moves. Say it several times, each time watching how your faces moves as you speak the letter. Now say the it with a smile and exaggerate the sound. Notice how you gave a PinUp Smile? Try it again! Once you a feel confident with your pinup smile/laugh you can move on to the next vowels

4. Repeat this process for E, I, O, and U.  I always found it easier to remember what expressions I wanted to use and be able to recreate them on cue if I spent time practicing them first.  So, again, know your face! Know how it feels when you make a certain expression and you can be confident that you are ready to put your best face forward . I hope my tutorial helped you to obtain the perfect expression for your next photo shoot!



Proving that even zombie pin ups can be flirty and cute!

“O” “U”

Hanger 1 Vodka Blimp Promotional Contest and My Favorite Entry, Michelle Audet! Vote now!


Please take a moment to visit the Hangar1Vodka site and vote for Technicolor Squirrel’s favorite bartender, Michelle Audet and her lovely liquid libation, The Ginger Blossom Martini! Enjoy and try her recipe made with Hangar 1 Vodka tonight!


Please remember that even squirrels need to drink responsibly! Other Then That, You Should Go Nuts!


The Results of our Raffles on


Wow, what a whirlwind the last two days have been!  You have been waiting for the answers so here are the winners names without further ado:


Up-cycled Fantasy Coat goes to:

Christina Benson!  Congratulations Christina!!!


and our Up-cycled Whovian Scarf goes to:

Jennifer Leonard!  Congratulations!


Way to go Ladies! Keep watching Technicolor Squirrel for the next Raffle!